'An acute observer of human interactions' SUNDAY TIMES


‘A playfully serious novel with thoughts and ideas exploding like a storm of confetti’ Sarah Dunant, GUARDIAN

‘In What You Will the characters, like those of Henry James, are people on whom nothing is wasted. Their cleverness and sensitivity does not preserve them from any of life’s disasters but at least they are fully conscious as they enter the maelstrom. This is social comedy at its most poignant’ Edmund White

‘Splendidly worked and full of surprising things’ Frank Kermode

‘A dense, layered portrait of three people’s interlocking relations, the ways they sustain each other and the ways they let each other down. What gives Bucknell’s geometrical story its rich complexity is the time and intelligence the author devotes to the professional ambitions of her characters’ TLS

‘Elegant, incisive prose’ VOGUE

What You Will beautifully and sharply explores one of literature’s greatest and most mysterious themes: the unnervingly close relationship between creation and destruction – and its darkest side, possession – which is at the core of art and love’ David Michaelis