'An acute observer of human interactions' SUNDAY TIMES


Everyone has a different idea about what love is.

Gwen, an artist, and Lawrence, an academic, are happily married with a young child and an enviable way of life. Their liberal attitudes have never really been tested. When Hilary, Gwen's closest friend, arrives from New York bruised by a broken engagement, a lost job, and a misguided love affair, Gwen determines to find her someone to marry.

Will it be another Oxford don? An ambitious young music student? Or a professional from the scandal-ridden museum world in which Hilary works?

The more Gwen focuses on Hilary's destiny, the more she grows curious about the men gathering around her friend. She finds herself tempted away from her husband at the very moment when he needs to confide in her about romantic preoccupations of his own. The bonds of affection twist savagely, then twist again. Can they survive betrayal?

Katherine Bucknell paints a subtle portrait of friendship, love, and marriage in our time. What You Will is a sophisticated and compelling novel from the acclaimed author of Canarino and Leninsky Prospekt.