Preface by Christopher Hitchens


By Christopher Isherwood
Edited and Introduced by Katherine Bucknell

"A rare treat...One of the great literary accounts of the twentieth century." THE GUARDIAN

"An intimate portrait of the life of a beautiful if neurotic mind...streaked with gossip, flinty observations, great good humor, and-despite Isherwood's fundamental discretion-plenty of frank talk." THE NEW YORK TIMES

"The Sixties [is] accessible to everyone...a true piece of social history." Edmund White, THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW

"He is quite simply a marvellous diarist, one of the very best in a long tradition of English diarists starting with Samuel Pepys..." THE WASHINGTON POST

"A mix of quotidian detail, social observation, moody reverie, gossip, and self-rebuke." THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

"One of The Sixties' sharpest characteristics, beneath the sulks and the occasional bitchiness, is a sense of steely inner resolve...Katherine Bucknell has done a tremendous job in editing this remorseless chronicle." THE FINANCIAL TIMES

"There is a huge cast of characters in all manner of unlikely combinations, as when Isherwood is invited to lunch with Nehru along with Irving Stone, Marlon Brando, and Danny Kaye. Best of all, bracingly ruthless portraits of old friends...are intermingled with a great deal of gossip...some of it...absolutely riveting." THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

"The Sixties is a real-life fairytale....The period it describes seems like a golden age today. To read about Christopher and his kind is to be reminded just how lucky some people can be." THE EVENING STANDARD