'A major literary event' GUARDIAN


By Christopher Isherwood
Edited & Introduced by Katherine Bucknell

'There is not a page that does not contain a good joke, original insight, deadly accurate description or delicious nugget of gossip ...
A major literary work, the diaries round off the writer both as man and artist.' INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY

'Isherwood's is an exemplary twentieth-century life: assured and neurotic, fearless and fretful, generous and small-minded, forgiving and remorsefully judgemental.' FINANCIAL TIMES

'It is fitting in a way that Isherwood's diaries should turn out to be such a major achievement: This writer found the perfect form to preserve in amber his particular genius and to show both his life as a writer and the life of his mind ... He is quite simply a marvelous diarist, one of the very best in the long tradition of English diarists starting with Samuel Pepys.' Martin Rubin, THE WASHINGTON TIMES

'Intimate and compulsively readable.' Alfred Corn, THE NATION

'Swift, clean, sane and gossipy' ESQUIRE

'A pleasure to read...No word is wasted, and the casual-looking sentences create the impression that we are overhearing what is being said...There is not a great wealth of this sort of thing in the English language' SCOTSMAN